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The lottery game has been very popular for many centuries in different forms and manifestations across all civilizations of the world. The description of this game also appears in different scriptures such as the bible and others. The first form of the modern lottery game originated from Italy’s Florence city back in the 16th century. This game is based on lucky numbers or a combination of different numbers. There are numerous kinds of lottery games popular across the globe nowadays.

This game spread in America during the colonial period. In that period, mostly the lotteries were used to collect funds for charity works such as building bridges, community centers, churches and other such public use infrastructure. With the passage of time, the lottery game gained more popularity during the 19th century and many states started their own lottery schemes. The current volume of the lottery business has crossed the billions of dollar marks. The same situation prevails in many European and other countries across the globe. A large number of online gambling based on the lottery games is being offered across the globe to allow the interested gambler to check their luck.

There are different forms of modern lottery games played online that accept not only regular currencies, but also digital currencies such as bitcoins and others. A gambler picks different combination of numbers from a range of numbers that the particular lottery supports; for example, many lotteries support the range between 1 to 49 and 1 to 75 numbers. The number chosen is selected and the gambling software generates the random numbers for that particular game. If the selected numbers of a lottery buyer match those numbers generated by the software, he or she wins otherwise loses.

A large number of online casinos are offering bitcoin digital currency based lottery games across the globe nowadays; a few very important ones are described below. Lottery

This casino website offers a bitcoin lottery game in the Live Casino section. You can play this lottery by registering with this website. This is a very secure and reliable gambling site that offers numerous promotional offers and bonuses. Any new wager will get 100% welcome bonus on his or her first deposit. Many other bonuses and affiliate programs are also available on this website. Lottery

This online casino will be the one stop destination for all your online gambling needs. Despite being a new online gambling platform, is known to offer the best user experience and strives to deliver excellence at all times. When it comes to bitcoin lottery, this casino offers different varieties, including Cosmos Coin Drop, Weekly Raffle, Stratosphere Coin Drop, and more. Lottery

This website offers four variations of the Keno games, which are considered as the Lottery games. The names of these games include Instant Keno 40 Ball, Instant Keno 80 Balls, Klub Keno, and Keno. This is a provably fair website and offers many features related to security. This website offers numerous promotional schemes and bonuses for the interested gamblers. This website offers as much as 110% welcome bonus to the new gambler on this website. Lottery

There is no traditional lottery game offered on this website, but different variations of the lottery games are offered in the Keno category. This is a provably fair website that offers many security features to the wagers. This website accepts two forms of digital – Dogecoin and Litecoin – other than the bitcoin currency. You can get benefit from many promotional offers and affiliate programs on this website. You can also earn high roller bonuses on this website. Lottery

This website offers three different types of the lottery games; the names of these lottery games include Live Lottery, Lotto 7 out of 42 and Lotto 5 out of 36. The live lottery game is available in the Play-for-Fun mode while the others can only be played with real bitcoin. This website offers an attractive affiliate program and accepts players from the United States of America.

The Bitcasino website offers more than 7 different types of lottery games in the Casino Games section of the website. You can play these games for fun without depositing your bitcoin currency. This website offers 100% welcome bonus and 50% second deposit bonus for the interested wagers. You can also avail many other attractive packages and affiliate programs to earn commissions.


CryptoGames Lottery

CryptoGames online gambling platform is famous for offering games that can be played with cryptocurrencies. This is one of those sites that make every cryptocurrency gambling enthusiast’s dreams come true. Along with playing bitcoin lottery, you can also play other games such as dice, slot, and blackjack on this website.


Limoplay Lottery

Limoplay is yet another new introduction to the world of online casinos. This online casino is lesser known among players; however, it offers a wide selection of games that can be played with different currencies. Most of its games are from renowned game developers, and this means that you can expect an excellent and uninterrupted gaming experience. As far as bitcoin lottery is concerned, you will be able to find games such as Triple Wins Star Ticket, Lucky Double, and Bet on Numbers on Limoplay.



With honesty as their top priority, this online casino assures that neither the players nor the casino can cheat on any games played. This claim makes the casino one of the credible options and also attracts more new players to the website. The casino offers tickets that are both affordable and expensive, and prize money varies accordingly. You can also play roulette, poker, bingo, and other games on BitBingo Casino.


FairProof Lottery

FairProof is also a cryptocurrency gambling website that accepts, in addition to bitcoins, monero, bytecoins, digitalnote, and more. This is a completely fair and anonymous bitcoin lottery platform where you can always expect fair games and win bitcoins. As the website does not collect any of your personal information, anonymity is assured. The platform offers three different types of games: FairNumbers, FairCards, and Roulette.


Lottery Tutorial

Keno is of course one of the most popular lottery games in many countries. It is not easy to understand the history of keno, as it covers no less than 2,000 years. Keno is one of the oldest casino games. So what are the stages of this drawing game, which is based almost exclusively on chance? This is the question we would like to answer in this section. But first, we’d like to give you an overview of our Keno section.

The history of keno

Keno is easy to learn and certainly not difficult to master. To help you become a keno pro on the fastest way, we have written a guide that will take you on the road to winning keno!

If you have already played Keno without knowing when and where this game was invented, then you should make up for this missing knowledge now with our article. In a few minutes you will understand that Keno is surrounded by a beautiful legend. Is this true? Find out for yourself! Here you will learn everything about the Keno strategy and the rules of this fascinating game.

It’s probably no big surprise for you when we start this section with the Keno rules. As with any game, before you can play, you need to master the game and of course you need to know the rules of the game. Can we really talk about Keno strategy? You can find this out in our special article in which you will also find some original tips for successful playing.

Knowing your game profile is very important

You thought you were different from all the other players? You’re absolutely right. There are many player profiles in Keno and we have summarized them for you. If you’re playing online, you can’t feel the same way, but you’ll still have a lot of fun. So our tip is to try Keno and get your own idea of the game. Recently, a player from Berlin amazed everyone with a completely untypical tactic and number arrangement.

The easiest way to play Keno

Keno is a well known lottery game in the real world, but not online. Therefore many casinos provide you with free games so that you can familiarize yourself with the game.

As you may have guessed, there are casinos that are better suited than others to play Keno and it is our job to introduce them to you. The only important thing is that you take advantage of these offers and services before signing up and making your first draws. Many of the offers are only valid from the moment you sign up. So always play Keno online with care and develop the best way of playing for you personally.

The easiest way for beginners to play keno for free is to play a few rounds in order to have a chance to get started in the game. The game instructions you should know in any case beforehand. It is also useful to make notes about Keno games, winning numbers, bet, type, KW, winning numbers, odds, name, ticket, draw, rank, field, win and winning class. Also make a note of whether it was a Saturday, Tuesday or do, for example, Anden online Keno betting. This will allow you to develop your own Keno statistics over time, which will be very helpful when playing Keno. Don’t forget to note the final score of the ticket with bet. So you have significantly more chances to fill your shopping cart with winnings and maybe even the jackpot or Eurojackpot.

Playing online keno can really be a lot of fun. Be careful with the lottery bets and numbers. Depending on the type of Keno, it is better to first play with eur 2 eur bet and then switch to eur 5 eur. 5 eur eur should only be played when you have the right experience. A regular bet of 5 Euro can quickly become expensive before you guess the number of correct numbers and win your Mio. A Eur 2 bet is however also productive but you can keep the risk smaller. A stake of 2 € is recommended. Especially when it comes to stake eur, even after years is crucial that you show responsibility when playing.

Game instructions and chances to win at Keno

Depending on the provider, the game is played with 70 or 80 numbers, the online casinos usually use the American version, which is played with 80 numbers. In contrast to the well-known Lotto 6 out of 49, the game system 10 out of 20 out of 70 or 80 is used. This means that 20 numbers are drawn, but the player can mark a maximum of 10 numbers. In addition, less than 10 numbers can be typed. However, two numbers must be selected in each case. In addition, the amount of the win also depends on the bet made. Only with the respective maximum bet and if the player bets ten numbers can he win the main prize.

The variants usually differ slightly from each other, with some providers winnings are also paid out if the player has no correct number, but has chosen nine or ten numbers. The following table shows the average odds in online casinos. You can find the exact details in the articles about the respective software providers.

With ten numbers played and a stake of 5 Euros, the win is 50000 Euros, but even with only eight numbers selected, there is 50000 Euros for a direct hit. If you play with only 4 numbers and 5 Euro in meets 3 numbers this will be rewarded with 25 Euro. Especially in the online casinos there are also variants where you can choose more than 10 numbers. This of course changes the paytable.

In keno every player wins the full sum. There is no sharing of the pot between several players with the same tip. So you can guess your personal favorite numbers. Since in principle there is no strategy, the selection of numbers is not important. If you play several rounds, it can be worth it to always bet the same numbers, because according to the law of probability, the chances of a successful outcome increase with each lost round.

The chances of winning with Keno are many times higher than with the Lotto 6 out of 49. The house advantage of the bank, depending on the number of numbers selected, is on average not even 10 percent. Thus the game is perfectly suited as a pastime if you do not want to worry about strategy or betting.

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