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We have made it our mission to do our best every day to inform you about special and extraordinary eSport bets and to advise you if you are interested in an online eSport betting experience. We introduce you to all the major tournaments – short, concise and informative. In addition, we also provide you with odds analyses and forecasts for the tournaments in the eSport universe. We have summarized our many years of experience with bookmakers and our know-how on the subject of eSport betting in a betting provider review for you.

What types of bets are offered?

In addition to the standard 1X2 bet, many bookmakers have a large variation of special bets in their program. The bet365 eSport section is a good tip for as many betting options as possible and also betway eSports very unusual odds (e.g. E-Sports to be part of Winter Olympics 2030).

A large variation of the betting markets is especially important if the outcome of a game is very obvious and you don’t want to bet on the favorite at a odds of 1.03, nor speculate on the outsider.

The most common eSport betting markets are:

  • Tournament winners
  • Card winner
  • Handicap
  • Number of laps (over/under)
  • Number of kills (above/below)
  • First Blood (who does the first kill)
  • First to 10 Kills
  • Winner of the pistol round
  • Team wins at least one card

10 reasons why you should bet on eSports

  1. Odds advantage: Most bookies are still inexperienced in this area, which often results in above-average odds on favorites.
  2. Bonuses: Many bookmakers are new to eSport sports betting and therefore offer a high betting bonus or free bets on eSports.
  3. Discover new betting opportunities: The versatile range of special bets (handicap, tournament winner, first kill, 10 kills, card winner, number of kills, etc.) makes eSport betting an entertaining change.
  4. Stability: Unlike ordinary sports, luck only plays a marginal role. For example, in football a curious own goal can cause unpleasant betting surprises, but in eSports the strategies and skills of the players and their team spirit count. That doesn’t mean that an underdog can’t win a game. But then rightly, not with luck!
  5. “Ahhh, if only I had” and “I knew it!”… Does it look familiar to you? If you think you know the outcome of a game, then you can bet on it. Also makes watching more interesting.
  6. Speaking of watching: You don’t have to rely on match tickers, radio or TV broadcasts. You can watch every game online in free live streams. Is the twitch stream jerky? Try Youtube or Youtube gaming.
  7. Combined betting: Odds on favorites are higher in eSport bets than in other sports. So you can make good winnings even with low stakes.
  8. Bridging seasonal breaks: If there is no interesting game you can bet on at the moment, have a look at the eSports section. Often eSports events take place when other sports are on break. For example, one of the biggest eSport events (The International) takes place every year in August.
  9. Massive differences in odds: Due to the fact that the eSport betting market is very young and most bookmakers have only recently joined, there are sometimes enormous differences in odds between the providers. Register with several bookmakers and use the high quota differences to your advantage!
  10. Expand your horizons: A future betting market without eSports is unthinkable. The rapid growth guarantees that eSports will become a fixed component of sports betting. Immerse yourself in the world of eSports betting now and grow with it!

Why should I watch eSport broadcasts?

Once you understand the rules of a game, eSport matches are very exciting and attractive for the viewer. Some commentators – most commentaries are available in English – explain a lot about the details of the match and enable newcomers to understand and follow eSport broadcasts with interest. You can also learn one or two things from the professionals if you want to try your hand at eSports yourself. Many of the games can be downloaded and played for free via game clients. Once you are familiar with the game, the fascination begins. With one or the other game you just miss the heart attack.

Which bookmakers do we recommend?

The still relatively young market of online betting for eSport has meanwhile found its serious “global players” who share the market among themselves. The most important ones are Betway, bet365 and Bet-at-home. Nevertheless, due to the current dynamics, we strongly assume that a lot will happen in the industry in the near future and that we will soon be able to welcome some new bookmakers in the eSport betting segment. Characteristic for all serious bookmakers remains the many years of experience with sports betting in general, which the bookmakers have transferred to eSport betting.

For which titles are eSport bets offered?

The bookmakers are currently concentrating on four major game titles. Of course, League of Legends, Counter-Strike (CS:GO), Dota 2 and Starcraft 2 are also in the game. In addition, the major eSports providers also offer betting on other games such as Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm (HOTS), Call of Duty (CoD), Overwatch, FIFA Soccer, World of Tanks and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

ESports Betting – Questions & Answers

Here we would like to give you answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, please contact us directly. We will be happy to help you.

What is eSport, or an eSport bet?

In general, any video game with a competitive character can be called eSport. The best-known games with an international stage therefore also managed to attract the interest of bookmakers. ESport betting is a relatively new term for online betting, which was established not so long ago. In recent years, there has been a big upswing, which is mainly due to the many new eSports franchise providers. With them the number of tournaments and the number of spectators exploded.

What are the advantages and special features of eSport betting?

The special feature of eSport is that the odds are still estimated and set manually by various experts. Every bookmaker refers to his own experts, which often results in high odds differences between the providers. You can take advantage of this special feature and always set for the “best odds”.

We do not speak in the eSport also of luck . A team usually wins a tournament due to its experience and outstanding performance and not because of a wrong decision by the referee or similar. Of course, sometimes an outsider wins against a favourite, but there are also more or less objective causes to be found.

What would be a weather experience without being able to take part in the action up close? No sport in the world can be broadcast on so many platforms in such high quality. Examples are Youtube and Twitch.

How do I place an eSport bet?

The registration procedures of the betting providers do not differ much from each other. In just a few minutes you can register without any problems and plan your first bets. Some providers also offer bonuses for the first bets. Because the odds of the betting providers sometimes differ immensely, we recommend that you consider registering with several providers. Good luck with your first bet!

What could I win in the end?

A numbers game: Let’s take the LCS and our bet targets the match Cloud 9 vs. TSM. We or the betting provider will tell you that the odds are 1.35 on the win for Cloud 9. We bet 10 € on the victory of Cloud 9 against TSM. If Cloud 9 wins, your bet will now be multiplied by 1.35 (odds).

10 € (stake) x 1.35 (odds) = 13.50 € (win)

Combining bets increases the winning amount considerably as the stake is calculated on each of the odds.

Bet x Odds 1 x Odds 2 x … = Win

Here again a numerical example: You bet 10 € on Cloud 9 vs. TSM and combine the bet with another discipline, e.g. on the overall victory of G2 in IEM Katowice 2018, which is endowed with a quota of 2.9. If both bets are placed, you win the following:

10 € (stake) x 1.35 (odds 1) x 2.90 (odds 2) = 39.15 € (win)

ESport bets on League of Legends?

League of Legends is one of the biggest games of all time with over 60 million players. RIOT Games’ eSport system is also one of the best-established in the genre.

Every year a large number of important tournaments take place. Every spring and summer the two league phases of the LCS 2018 (Season 8) take place, with the spring and summer split. But there are also two big international events a year: The LoL World Championship (Worlds 2018) and the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI 2018).

The bookmakers generally offer the following betting markets for LoL:

  • The Match Winner (between two teams)
  • The overall winner/tournament winner
  • Special bets (First Nashor, First Pentakill, First Blood)

ESport Betting on Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

CS:GO is one of the most popular games. In CS:GO, terrorists and counter-terrorists play turn-based against each other. The game has an estimated fan base of only 6 million active players. In addition, there is no other eSport title with such a high tournament density. The most famous Counter-Strike tournament is the Intel Extreme Masters. Last year the 2017 edition took place in Oakland with prize money of 300,000 US dollars.

For CS:GO, bookmakers generally offer the following betting markets:

  • Overall winner of a match (between two teams)
  • card wins
  • Group winners in major tournaments
  • Handicap bets

Are eSport bets legal?

Yes, eSport bets are legal! Digital bets are no different from other sports bets. The German-speaking world has been the most liberal market in the world for years and has now also established itself in the USA. The legalisation and liberalisation of the betting market has finally given the industry a serious image. The bookmakers have a lot of useful country and IP-related information available for country-specific peculiarities. As already mentioned, we only work with reputable bookmakers whom we can recommend to you with a clear conscience.

Are there bonus bets or promotions for eSports?

Yes, there are some bookmakers who offer us bonuses on their bets, such as Bet-at-Home and Betway, which sometimes offer up to 150% credit on the first bet. But pay attention: It always applies the current fixing of the bookmaker. We also have a small overview of the best eSports bonus betting providers for you.

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