Best Bitcoin Slots

A slot game is one of the most productive games for the casinos in terms of their revenue generation. It is very important to note that the slots machine generates over 70% and in some case, over 80% of the total revenue earned from casinos all over the world. So, slots games are the fundamental driver of casino businesses across the globe.

Bitcoin slot games are very popular form of gambling across all kinds of casinos including the modern bitcoin casinos. The slot game is played via a machine called as a slot machine or video game machine. It is a type of hardware machine that is controlled by a computer program that is installed on that hardware of slot machine. There are different kinds of slot machines that are being used in casinos across the globe. Normally, casino machines are categorized in terms of their number of lines (betting lines) and the coin denominations accepted at those slot machines.

Generally speaking, 9 line slot machines are very popular in all kinds of casinos across all countries of the globe; but also, there are many other types of slot machines based on number of betting lines such as five lines machines, 15 lines machines, 20 lines machines, 25 lines machines, and 50 line machines.

These lines are used to play betting to increase your chances of winning at the slot machines you play with. Every slot machine is fitted with currency acceptors and the bill slide bar. You need to slide the bill bar to select the betting amount to be deducted from the currency acceptor where you insert your currency. Thus, you play a bet equal to the selected amount of money. Once you selected the desired bet, then you need to pull the handle to play slot.

Similarly, in dollar reel spinning slots, you bet for larger amounts through a push button marked as ‘Play One Credit’. You can select multiple credits by repeating the push button or you can choose the maximum bet button that selects the maximum bet supported by the desired slot machine. Once you are done with the credit selection, you need to push ‘Spin Reel’ button and the symbols start revolving and finally stops one of them on the payout slot. That symbol determines where you won or not. Thus, you can bet on multiple lines for slot gambling.

Almost all casinos support slots-games in the domain of this industry; a few very important ones are given below: Slot Games

Cloudbet Casino offers two types – 3D Slots & Slots – of slots games on its online website. There 24 contemporary online slots games are being offered in the slots section, while more than 52 exciting slot games are being offered under 3D slots category. These games are being offered in different types such as 5 reels, 30 lines, and others. You can substantial bonuses and other attractive features on this website. Slot Games

The Bitcoin Penguin Casino offers numerous slots games; these games are very entertaining and wagers can win substantial bets while enjoying the slots gambling. The number of slot games offered on the Bitcoin Penguin website is over 120 and it is counting on a regular basis. It accepts other digital currencies such as Dogecoin, and Litecoin. Slot Games

This website offers over 147 video slots games for wagers. These games include many popular games as well as new and contemporary games for creating great value and excitement for the interested wagers on this website. This bitcoin website also offers free slots games to be played as ‘Play for Fun’ in your leisure time. Slot Games

This website offers very exciting video slots for interested players with fabulous bonuses and other attractive offers. Bit Casino is one of those casinos that offer over 200 video slots games to its wagers. The number of video slots on this website is regularly increasing. It offers many attractive gambling such as jackpot and other entertaining features on this exciting platform. Slot Games

Betchain bitcoin casino website offers multiple video slots games to its wagers. There are more than 44 games available on this website. Among those games, there are some traditional slots games while others are very contemporary video slots games that attract many wagers for its features and quality. This website also offers 110% of welcome bonus and other promotional offers. Slot Games

This bitcoin casino website offers a very attractive slot game. It is provably fair casino offering and you can win fairly on this platform. The slots game offered by Coin Royale is a 5 line game. It offers a bonus of as much as 1000 credits to play bitcoin slots casino on this website.


Slots Tutorial

Slots are the main argument for many players to visit an online casino. The wide selection of slots makes it difficult to decide which slot to play, even though the rules are basically the same. For newcomers, however, there can still be one or two stumbling blocks, which is why a small rules customer cannot be wrong even with slot machines.

Of reels, paylines and bets

In principle, online slots already differ in their general presentation. There are slot machines with three or five reels (some WMS slots even have up to 10), slots with pay lines or profit paths and, of course, very different bet limits. Whether it’s three or five reels makes little difference. Basically, all modern slots are equipped with five reels. Three reels are more from arcade times and can be found on one-armed bandits or so-called “fruit machines”.

The paylines are getting a little more special. The pay lines characterize the winning possibilities, i.e. the positions where the same symbols have to appear in order to make a profit. In most slot machines, combinations are counted from left to right – exceptions confirm the rule as always. Online casinos have slot machines with five, ten, 15, 20 or even 50 paylines. Some WMS slots even have 100 of them. Some other slots do without the use of paylines and use profit paths instead – the standard here is a maximum of 243 profit paths (e.g. Thunderstruck II), which of course drastically increases the player’s chances of winning (thanks to more combination options).

The bets are usually placed per pay line, more seldom are bets per round. It gets a little more complicated when the bets are adjusted with coins. Here the player can determine the coin value, the level (which corresponds to a bet multiplier) and the number of coins. Winnings are then based on the coin value.

Betting strategy yes, chasing myths no

If the basic character of the slot is clear and the bets are fixed, the player can start the first spin with a mouse click or use Autostart, where the slot automatically executes one spin after the other. Newcomers, in particular, will search the Internet for the “perfect” strategy to maximize their winnings. Dubious sources say here that the player can recognize when a machine pays out the next high win (for example after a losing streak of at least 30 spins) – but all this is not true. The fact is that each round is independent of the previous one. It is simply impossible to predict whether a slot machine is “hot” or “cold”. In theory, for example, the jackpot can be hit in three consecutive rounds. It’s all pure chance and can’t be influenced by anyone, neither by the player nor by the online casino.

But what works is to optimize bankroll management. You only have to bet as much as the player can really afford to set profit and loss limits to get the most out of the available balance. Then visiting the online casino remains fun and does not become a frustrating experience. And that’s exactly what’s decisive when playing at a slot machine.

No area of casino games is as varied as online slots. Therefore it is also no miracle that in most Internetcasinos on-line Slots and slot machines constitute the largest part of the play offer. There can be 300 or more slot machines to choose from. With such an offer not to lose the overview is not exactly easy. Therefore we have summarized and explained the most important slots online for you here.

Online slots are among the most popular online casino games ever. They are available in umpteen different versions. The individual offers differ both in the winnings offered, as well as in the bonus games, the functions, the features, the number of paylines and reels and in many other things.

The advantages of online slots

It is quite clear slots have a lot of advantages. Starting from the wide selection. So theoretically you can change the slot every few minutes and still you don’t get bored because everything repeats itself. From classic slots with three reels to the most complex games, which remind more of computer games than simple games of chance, there is everything to choose from.

In addition to that, with most machines you can not only win high prizes in the game itself, but also additional prizes through bonus games or jackpots. And most of the time these jackpots are progressive and like bonus games don’t cost any extra stakes. That means extra winnings without any extra stakes. And what more could you wish for?

Casino bonus free play with online slots

Another advantage and this applies especially to professional players who are familiar with the bonuses in casinos is that the game or the bets on the slot games are 100% rated when it comes to play a bonus free. So you can deposit it faster and of course secure the next bonus faster.

This applies not only to the many first deposit bonuses, but usually to the entire offer of a casino. You see, you can earn a lot of money with the right strategy and the best slots games. If you’re lucky enough to get hold of a slot, it gets even bigger, but to get the most out of an online slot you need to know exactly how it works. When there are bonus games, what extra free spins can bring you, or when it’s worth risking your winnings again with a risk function. Every slot machine has its subtleties, and because we know what it’s like, you can get the most out of it.

You’ll get tips and tricks as well as detailed reports on the various online slots. We have not committed ourselves to any particular online casino or software provider. Here you get everything you need to master all the slot machines available on the Internet. And if we haven’t reported on one yet, then check back regularly, because we will certainly do it soon.