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Dice has been a very popular game for many centuries. There are many versions and types of this casino game that are played across the globe. The different versions of the dice games have been designed by different creative people from all over the world. In today’s modern era of the internet, a large number of traditional dice as well as new online games have been introduced on the internet through numerous casino websites. The bitcoin casinos have also launched numerous types and versions of the dice game through their online casino websites.

The fundamental rules of dice game vary with every version of the game; but the main thing that does not vary is its apparatus used to play, especially the dice that are commonly used in all games with a little variation in their count. All dice games support multiple players to play this game at a time. At least, two players are required to play any version of the dice game.

The Pirate Dice is one of the most exciting and famous game played across all regions of the world. There are many other dice games that are very famous on the bitcoin casino websites; a few among those games include Catan Dice Game, Can’t Stop, Pig, Yahtzee Dice Game, and many others. A simple game called Dice 4, 5, 6 is also very popular on the casino websites.

There are many bitcoin casino websites that offer a large number of dice games on their websites; a few very important ones are mentioned below with the features they offer to the online gamblers. Dice Games

This bitcoin casino website offers a very attractive dice game called as a ‘Live Dice’ in the ‘All Games’ section. This website offers as much as 110% of bonus on your first deposits. You can also get substantial bonuses on subsequent deposits while betting on this website. The dice game itself does not allow any free spinning or play for fun options. You will have to use your bitcoins to play this wonderful game on this website. You can play a minimum bet of 5 mBTC and maximum of 1 BTC. There is no bonus or free credit is available to play this game on this website. Dice Games

Bitcasino offers one dice game for the interested players. This dice game is available in two modes of play – For Real & For Fun; the real play is played through bitcoin currencies, while the fun game is for those players who want to enjoy this game without real betting. This website offers dice game in live casino games section that is played online in the real time. This is one of the secure, fast and reliable bitcoin casino website that offers high speed dice game. You can also get many promotional offers and lucrative affiliate program on this website to benefit from. Dice Games

The website offers the standard version of dice game for the interested wagers. This bitcoin casino website offers dice game in two modes; either you can play it for fun with the free credit of 1000 points offered by the website or you can choose the real game with the bitcoins option to play this exciting game to win substantial amount money. This website offers many advantages and benefits such as world class customer support, provably fair technology, website in multiple languages and many others.


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Online Casino Dice Games

There are many different dice games, but very few that are also offered in casinos. The most popular casino dice game is Craps, which is particularly popular in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, online casinos rarely offer multiple dice games, so you will usually only find Craps or Sic Bo among the range of over 100 games. That’s a pity, because dice games with their entertaining betting options can provide a lot of variety and fun. Here we introduce you to the most popular casino dice games with their basic rules briefly, later we go even closer to the rules of the popular Craps and Sic Bo and show you at the same time the most recommendable casino providers who have these and other dice games in the program.

The most popular casino dice games

Before we go briefly into the most important rules of the individual dice games, we would like to introduce you to these briefly and describe their differences.

  • Craps is played with two dice, where you can bet on different numbers or combinations of numbers. The special feature is that you can bet even if you don’t throw. The rules look very complicated at first glance, but they’re not. If you don’t know this game yet, but would like to try it out, download the Casino Club software here and try it out in play money mode or with the free 15€ starting gift.
  • Sic Bo is very similar to craps, but it is played with three dice. Despite the additional dice, the betting options are very simple and clear and do not require the many additional rules as in craps. In my opinion, Sic Bo is the easier game for beginners to start rolling the dice in the casino. You can find out the difference between Sic Bo and Craps at Bet365 Casino, where you can play both dice games online for free as long as you like.
  • Casino Dice – If you want it easy, you can also try CasinoClub’s Casino Dice. It’s played like craps with two dice and all you have to do is guess whether the next roll will give you a higher or lower number of dice. An additional feature is All or Nothing, where you can bet and double your winnings again. At CasinoClub, you can try this free dice game as long as you want, or play for real money with the free starting gift of 15€.

A quick overview of Sic Bo and Craps rules

The many betting options at Craps and Sic Bo are a bit confusing at first glance. Whoever sees these games for the first time often doesn’t know what the individual fields mean. Here I would like to give you a short instruction to the basic play process of these two dice games.

Sic Bo Rules of the Game

Since three dice are rolled in the Sic Bo, the total number of dice can range from 3 to 18. The betting options are as simple as they are clear:

  • Big (total number of eyes 11 or higher) or Small (10 or lower), where no triple may be thrown.
  • Any Triple, all dice show the same number of points
  • Specific triple, all dice show a certain number of points
  • Specific Double, two dice showing a certain number of points
  • Domino Combination, two dice show the two selected numbers
  • Total Sum Combination, bet on a certain total number of all dice
  • Single Die, bet on a single number, shows a dice that wins 1:1, two dice win 2:1 and all three dice win 3:1

Craps Rules

The rules of the craps game are a bit more complicated, as a distinction is made between the first roll and the subsequent rolls. The player (in this case the shooter) first places a bet and rolls both dice. At the total number of points of :

  • 7 or 11 he throws a natural and wins immediately
  • 2, 3 and 12 are a crap and the player loses immediately.
  • 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 become the player’s “point” and he rolls again.

If the player rolls the same number the second time as his point, he wins – if he rolls 7, he loses immediately. All other numbers allow the player to roll again. If he wins, the player may continue playing, but in this case he may not take his winnings from the playing field. Even if the shooter loses by a crap (2, 3 or 12), he may bet and roll again, but can also pass the dice to his right neighbor – in the case of a 7 MUST he passes the dice to the next player.

Another special feature of Craps is that spectators can place a variety of side bets on the next roll of the dice, all of which, as in multi-hand Blackjack games, play against the casino and not against each other. The game field, which looks very complicated at first sight, is used for this purpose. The betting possibilities are numerous and you can bet on almost anything. Since individual bets at different casinos can vary slightly, it is best to look at the exact betting options in the Craps rules of your online casino.

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