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Craps is one of the traditional casino games that are played on a large table. The table on which craps game is played is called as a craps table. Normally, this game is able to accommodate about 20 players at a time that can bet in different gambling schemes supported by this game. Nowadays, this game has become very popular online bitcoin casinos that allow bettors to play with the secure form of digital currency – called as bitcoins – while keeping your identity hidden.

In the bitcoin craps game, a large table is used that has many areas marked with different names such as Pass Line, Don’t Pass Bar, Come, Field, Don’t Come Bar and others. All these areas have different betting payouts, if the bettor wins. In this game, a gambler can choose many different wagering schemes at a time. This is a kind of game in which every bettor can win at a time without the casino house; therefore, it is really a great fun for the wagers to play craps.

In this game, a shooter rolls the dice and the wagers play by betting for the shooter as well as against the shooter. Any wager who bets in the Pass area is considered for the shooter and that who bets in the Don’t Pass area is considered as betting against the shooter. A player can also bet on other areas to earn big and different winning schemes on other areas of the table. There are many casino craps gambling terms used in this game such as Yo-Eleven, Jimmy Hicks, Snake Eyes, Skinny Dugan and many others. You can learn these terms and detailed rules easily once you play the bitcoin casino game on any online bitcoin casino website.

There are many bitcoin casino websites that offer bitcoin craps game to the interested wagers; a few of them are listed below: Craps

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Craps Tutorial

Although there are numerous rules and multiple variations for this game, the basic rules are rather simple and quick to learn. At the Craps table there are four casino employees (the “boxman”, two croupiers and the “stickman”) who can advise the player.

The game

The “stickman” places five dice in front of the player and he chooses two. The player makes a bet and rolls towards the center of the table. The “stickman” then indicates the total score and collects the dice with a long stick until all bets that have won have been paid out. Then he gives the dice back to the player and he rolls again. The player who rolls the dice must place pass line or don’t pass bets in addition to all the bets he can choose. All other players can also bet on any combination of the table. The player loses the dice if he makes a seven after the first roll (“point”). If the player loses the dice, he loses his turn and the stickman gives the dice to the next player.

How are the bets made at the Craps table?

The “pass line” bet is certainly the most popular and basic of all the possible bets in Craps. This is made by the player (you or another player). The rules are not complicated and easy to keep.

On the first bet (“come out”), you win if a seven or eleven is rolled, and you lose with a two, three or twelve (craps). Any other result (four, five, six, eight, nine or ten) is called a “point” and the player rolls again. If you have made a point, the rules change a bit. From that moment on, you can only win if the point result is reached again, regardless of the number of throws required. Only a seventh rolled before the point loses.

The “don’t pass” bet is almost the exact opposite of the “pass line” bet. In this case, however, the bet is placed against the player. You lose if the first roll is seven or eleven, and you win if it is two or three. You also lose if you have set a point and rolled. Both sides win if a seven is rolled before the point. The only difference is that if you rolled a twelve, you have a stand-off roll. In this case, you lose and win.

When the point is set, you make a come bet after the first roll and play according to the pass line rules. In this game you can place a bet on any number of points of a rolled “point”. Then, as in the pass line bet, you win if the next roll is seven or eleven. You lose if you roll a two, three or twelve. If you roll four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, you get your own “come point” and the game shifts to the “point” square marked on the table. You also win here with a point before the seven and you lose if you roll a seven before your own point is played again.

The “don’t come” bet is the opposite of the “come” bet and has the same rules. You lose with a seven or eleven and win with a two or three. A twelve is always an invalid roll; you win if you roll a seven before the point.

The field bet has equal odds and each roll results in a win or loss. “Field” can be played at any point in the game, so you don’t have to wait for a “point”. You can make a quick win by betting on two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven or twelve. You only lose with five, six, seven or eight. For a two or twelve, the bet is doubled.

The “big 6 and 8” bet is a game with equal odds. You play it by betting on one or both of these numbers at any time during the game. In this case, you simply bet that a six or eight is rolled before a seven. Craps If you bet on a “seven” and win, you get four times the bet, if you bet eleven, you get ten times the bet, but only for the eleven.

  • “Craps 2” pays 29 times the bet and you bet that the next roll will be a two. “Craps 3” pays 14 times the bet, and you bet that the next roll’s score will be a three. “Craps 12” pays 29 times the bet if a twelve is rolled in the next round.
  • “Any craps”, also called “all craps”, is another one-time bet that pays 7 times the bet if a two, three or twelve wins. You bet on the above bets here
  • “Hardways” consists of betting that pairs are rolled whose score is an even number. For example: two and two make a four “hard”, three and three make a six “hard”, four and four make an eight “hard” and five and five make a ten “hard”. Any other combination loses (a five and a three make a simple eight, called a “soft”). When doublets are bet, the odds are 7 times the bet for a four “hard” (2 and 2) or for a ten “hard” (5 and 5) and 9 times the bet for a six “hard” (3 and 3) or an eight “hard” (4 and 4). This bet is not limited to a single roll and is valid until you win or lose by mau rolling a seven or a “soft” combination.
  • “Place Bets”. At any point in the game you can choose to bet on a single square with numbers four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. If bets on a particular number, it must appear before a seven is rolled. This is the only way to win. The bets on the squares can be made at will or withdrawn. That is, at any time before a roll. The odds vary: from 9 to 5 for a four or ten, from 7 to 5 for a five or nine, and from 7 to 6 for a six or eight if they win.
  • “Odds” can be played with or against the dice, but only on the “pass-line”, “don’t pass”, “come” and “don’t come” bets if the “point” has been set. It is the player who asks for this variation, and he must bet a sum equal to the original point bet when playing with the dice. If he plays against the dice, he bets the amount of his own bet. If you bet with the dice, you bet that the player’s points will be earned before a seven comes; if you bet against the dice, you win if the seven comes before the other numbers. The odds are paid as follows, 2 to 1 for four or ten, 3 to 2 for five or nine, and 6 to 5 for six or eight.

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