GameTwist Casino Review

There’s a misconception in the cryptocurrency gaming world saying all casino websites and apps must offer real-time gaming incentives and the ability to withdraw any winnings into a personal wallet. The majority of casinos and websites have indeed gone this route and give players the chance to play casino games for real-time winnings that can be withdrawn according to the casino’s internal policies and regulations, but GameTwist offers a completely different and rather unique take on casino games. Yes, it is a pay-to-play website that requires players to make deposits in order to play the games, but there is no option to withdraw those winnings or convert them into Bitcoins after the experience. Once a player buys into the platform’s currency, which are known as “Twists”, their deposit will remain forever a part of the website. This may turn off some players, which is unfortunate because GameTwist offers a wealthy selection of games presented with modern technologies and exceptional customer support.

The general impression surrounding GameTwist is good with the majority of players commenting on the platform’s general ease of use, sheer volume of games, different banking options that aren’t available on many leading Bitcoin casinos, and the well-developed mobile apps that are available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. These pluses combined with GameTwist’s 11-year history in the gaming world definitely make this a platform worth considering, but it’s believed that it is better seen as the most advanced play money platform on the Internet today rather than a dedicated gaming option for true casino enthusiasts.

GameTwist Games and Software

GameTwist offers one of the biggest collections of slot machines among pay-to-play casinos with 232 different reels currently available to players. Each reel requires the latest version of Flash Player when using a PC. These range from more classic reels that the majority of casino players will be familiar with through to more advanced reels based on arcade games, mysteries, and adventures. Slot machines are all of what players will find on the mobile apps, too.

While being more centred on slots, these machines are by no means the only games on offer at GameTwist. Players will also find 12 variations of bingo, roulette, blackjack, table poker, and video poker games on the main website. These are all rather standard fare in comparison to the technologies found in the slot machines, but should satisfy basic wants for players seeking something different from their gameplay experience.

GameTwist also offers a “skill games” section on their website that takes players away from the hustle-and-bustle of traditional casino fanfare to more casual games. Here, players can choose from one of the 72 games currently on offer including variations of four in a row, dominoes, and Yahtzee. Players can wager and play with their Twists just as they would in the casino section, but most players have a general opinion that these skill games provide better rates of return than what they find in the casino section of the platform. This is possibly due to the limited number of players who choose to play these titles at any given moment compared to the high volume of players in the casino section, which is likely inflated due to the high number of mobile app users. Regardless, it is something new players should keep in mind when they’re considering any “potential returns” on their Twists.

GameTwist Banking Options

GameTwist isn’t exclusively a cryptocurrency platform. That is, they accept more than just Bitcoin when players choose to make a deposit. GameTwist also trades in fiat currencies and players may choose to make deposits through leading options such as Skrill, PayPal, Paysafe Card, and a more standard credit card transaction. Players may also choose to deposit funds using available mobile credit through a SMS message depending on their location. Deposits from SMS messages are limited to more populated Western European countries at this time.

Because GameTwist is a European gaming platform, all transactions are subject to VAT taxes and will be added to the final amount before players complete their transaction. Players from North America and Asia won’t be subject to these charges, but they must confirm their physical location prior to making any deposits in order to avoid paying tax unnecessarily.

GameTwist Bonuses

There are several different ways to earn Twists on GameTwist. All players will automatically receive a 3,000 Twist bonus for their account when they confirm their e-mail address upon completing the website registration process, which is more than enough to get started on the games and play the various titles for a good length of time. Players will also earn variable daily log in bonuses, a participation bonus for every four hours worth of gameplay, and for participating in bonus promotions that are periodically hosted by GameTwist. For the most part, these regular bonuses will be more than enough to keep casual players active on the platform with a passable amount of credit to play the games on a regular basis. However, more dedicated players will want to consider making a deposit using one of the many methods outlined above. There are no rollover requirements on GameTwist as players aren’t able to withdraw their winnings.


We like that GameTwist is a unique entry into a rather stagnant market of casino platforms. It doesn’t necessarily try to be the best of anything, but does offer a stable and enjoyable gameplay experience for a very low cost; if any. We don’t think it’s going to set the gaming world on fire any time soon, but if players are looking for something a little bit different and don’t want to spend all that much of their BTC or even real cash on it, then GameTwist is a casino that’s hard to pass up. It’s a platform that will happily sit on your mobile, tablet, or PC and can be used when you are looking to pleasantly spend a few minutes of their time in between other projects.

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