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Today’s Bitcoin casino market is largely about who can pack the flashiest gimmicks into the most convenient, user-friendly platform. While there are several names that do a great job of bringing the true-to-life casino experience into a desktop PC or a mobile device, there is a growing number of casinos who are taking the simpler route and opt for a more digestible gaming experience for players as a whole. This is what have done. By having a whopping two games available to players, there’s very little for players to get on board with. However, what’s here is stable, accessible across multiple devices with minimal demand, and is provably fair.

Does this mean gets our approval? Well, it definitely serves its purpose in terms of who it is marketed for: those with low-end computer hardware. That is, those players who don’t have the latest or greatest systems that are capable of handling the most technologically advanced demands placed on them. allows players to experience digital currency gaming and all of its functionality in a very forgiving package. It’s also particularly geared towards those who are able to handle their own technical support. The platform does not offer any help other than a message board that’s infrequently used by website administrators.

What’s more is that the platform has a history dating back to 2013 and the majority of user opinions are favourable. Where the platform fails, in our eyes and the eyes of many players, is that it was once a strongly ad-supported platform with annoyingly large banners scattered throughout the website. This is no longer an issue as the platform has had a major visual facelift recently, but it is still quite obvious where these banners used to be. Today, our ad blocker picked up six items, but disabling it didn’t reveal any particularly annoying ads coming through. Games and Software

There is only one true game on and it’s known as Multiply BTC. It is a provably fair hi-lo game where players must choose whether a randomly generated number will be higher or lower than the player’s guess. There’s little in terms of gameplay mechanics here and those who are familiar with number generators and these sorts of simple games will find themselves at home in this title. Of course, the only difference is that players will be using BTC to play the games and their guesses will adjust the profit multiplier depending on the level of risk associated with their bets (more “sure bets” yield less profit). also offers a weekly lottery draw, which offers comparably big prizes against Multiply BTC. The grand prize is in a constant state of flux as it is largely dependent on the exchange rate between USD and BTC and is always 200 USD. There is a tier of 10 prizes to be won and players will become eligible for the draw based on their winnings in the Multiply BTC game, which will randomly reward players with lottery tickets based on wins. Players are also eligible to play a “Bitcoin faucet” game every hour (a simple click to see if you’ve won game), which will give them a lottery ticket every hour. uses its own proprietary software, which is governed by the provably fair scheme. This is something the platform is particularly proud of and we were never hard-pressed to find the provably fair links on the game in order to determine what sort of odds we were playing with at that exact moment. Many Bitcoin casinos go the distance in registering themselves with this scheme, but is one of the few platforms we would argue has the most accessible provably fair links and publicly posted odds. There’s no digging around for a hidden link in the FAQs. It is all, quite literally, right in front of a player’s eyes. Deposits and Withdrawals is still very much a fledgling when it comes to its banking options. This Bitcoin casino understandably only accepts BTC, but is still heavily dependent on a manual withdrawal process. Players must withdraw a minimum of 0.00010400 BTC, which is subject to a fee of 0.00000400 BTC to complete the transaction. Any withdrawal players make manually will be with them in a matter of hours. The platform does have the beginnings of what is an instant withdrawal procedure that allows players to have access to their winnings in as few as 15 minutes, but there are still some growing pains that the platform needs to resolve in order for the process to be truly instant. Players are never made to wait very long, but it’s not as “instant” as they’re led to believe. Instant withdrawals are also subject to a minimum of 0.00041000 BTC and a transaction fee of 0.00031000 BTC. Bonuses does not offer any bonus schemes. They do, however, have a referral scheme that gives players a 50% bonus credit based on their referral’s winnings in addition to a free lottery ticket every time their referral wins. We weren’t exactly impressed by this figure. After all, the winnings on Multiply BTC aren’t all that much to brag about and the true winnings are only found in the weekly lottery draw. This certainly isn’t a platform where players are going to sign up all of their friends and family in hopes of becoming a digital currency millionaire overnight. Any “earnings” from a player’s referrals will be a very slow and gradual trickle as opposed to any lump sum hitting their account in a flash.

Conclusion has left us scratching our heads as to whether or not this is actually a worthwhile platform to recommend. We do believe it serves a very specific purpose in the digital currency gaming world, but are hesitant to recommend it on a wider basis. We know full well that should players choose it as a platform, their gameplay experience will be limited and they’re unlikely to play on the platform for any lengthy period of time. That is, unless their own hardware or device limits them to using it over other conventional options. For players who are truly required to use it, could very well be an excellent option worth considering.

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