FortuneJack Casino Review

In the quickly growing industry of online gambling sites, FortuneJack sits high on the lists of new and seasoned players. FortuneJack is run by people experienced in the casino world who believe that in order to provide a supreme online gambling experience, it must be big. And FortuneJack is indeed big, boasting a wide game variety with more types of games than any other online casino. In addition to this, FortuneJack aims to make users’ experience as easy as possible with an efficient withdrawal system and the acceptance of multiple forms of cryptocurrency. To make sure everyone has a superior online gambling experience, FortuneJack provides a very helpful 24 hour customer service system. When all things are considered, FortuneJack comes out as perhaps the greatest online gambling experience a person can currently find.

FortuneJack Games and Software

As mentioned above, FortuneJack currently offers more types of games than any competitor. Their game library contains over 500 different games, 266 of which are specifically slot games. The second largest category of games, with 34 different varieties, is their Poker category. Patrons who prefer to play Blackjack should also be impressed by FortuneJack’s game library, as there are 12 different varieties of Blackjack to choose from. FortuneJack provides its patrons with a huge variety of games, so that they can spend hours trying out new things they never have before, or they can just play games that they are comfortable with. Whether or not players are feeling adventurous, the option of exploring is always there for FortuneJack patrons. In addition to the games just mentioned, FortuneJack offers 7 live casino games including Live Roulette, Texas Hold’em, and Blackjack.

To support this large library of games, FortuneJack maintains proprietary software tailored for their website in order to provide the best user friendly experience possible. The software team affiliated with FortuneJack is an experienced team able to focus their efforts on only one website, FortuneJack. In order to make their website as accessible as possible, FortuneJack also offers a mobile app to its patrons which has positive reviews from many users.

FortuneJack Banking Options

FortuneJack is a gambling site that accepts multiple forms of cryptocurrency. This inclusive method allows for patrons to use their preferable methods of payment, making a more convenient experience for them. Bitcoin (BTC) is the preferred and standard cryptocurrency accepted. But FortuneJack also accepts Litecoin (LTC), Dash, Peercoin (PPC), Namecoin (NMC), as well as 7 other cryptocurrencies. FortuneJack accepts many different currencies in order to create the easiest experience possible for its patrons.

FortuneJack does not provide information regarding its maximum withdrawal and deposit amounts. However, they do state that the minimum amount for a withdrawal or deposit is a milliBitcoin (mBTC). According to testimonials by users, withdrawals are completed in a very quick and safe manner. Some reports have claimed that withdrawals may take a few days only when the withdrawal amount is fairly large. Overall, experiences with withdrawing amounts from FortuneJack appear to be very positive.

FortuneJack Bonuses and Promotions

FortuneJack aims to impress new and old users with a variety of bonuses and promotions. For new players, FortuneJack will make a 100% bonus on players’ first deposit of up to 3 BTC. Many competitors have a similar bonus but only match players up to 1 BTC. In comparison, FortuneJack clearly makes a bigger effort to welcome new players and get them excited to be using their website.

An interesting promotion featured on this website is called Jack’s Favorite. If players wager up to 0.2 BTC on several different games including Keno, Blackjack, Video Poker, or up to 1 BTC on dice, FortuneJack will reward them with prizes like 10 free spins on Fortune Slot or 3 boosted rounds on Keno.

Other promos include giving Bitcoins out to the most active chat users of the community and the Unlucky Jack promo, in which 3 players are chosen to win back 20% of their net losses. In addition to these bonuses and promotions, FortuneJack has a loyalty program in which players can earn more and more lucrative bonuses by being frequent and consistent users of the website.
Overall, FortuneJack is one of the most well liked and highly rated online gambling sites available today. Its dedication to providing a supreme gambling experience from the comfort of its users’ homes is unparalleled, and it is clear that the people running this website have been in the industry for a long time. The close attention to detail is also apparent through FortuneJack’s method of using their own, proprietary software on their website. The managers of the website want to be in control to ensure that they can create the best online gambling atmosphere possible. FortuneJack has even extended their easy to use and appealing software to mobile devices, allowing users to take advantage of the great bonuses and promotions at FortuneJack from virtually anywhere in the world. To make their incredible services accessible to as many people as possible, FortuneJack accepts a myriad of cryptocurrencies, and also provides an excellent 24 hour customer service system should a rare issue occur. All in all, those seeking an enjoyable and hassle free experience gambling online should look no further than FortuneJack.

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