FairProof Casino Review

If there’s one constant in the digital currency gaming world it’s the long-winded and sometimes intrusive registration forms that players need to fill out before they get going. While casinos are understandably in a predicament to confirm a player’s location to ensure they’re complying with legal regulations, it defeats the purpose of a cryptocurrency’s freedom and anonymity of transactions. FairProof understands this and offers a simple, easy to use casino platform that doesn’t require any personal information from players. All players who access the platform are immediately given an account, which is reaccessed by using a private link given to players within their account settings.

Hesitant? We were at first. After all, there’s nothing stopping anyone from accessing our accounts. Fortunately, the “secret link” is quite a lengthy series of letters and numbers, which makes brute forcing one heck of a chore that generally isn’t worthwhile for hackers. However, the time involved in doing this doesn’t necessarily alleviate our concerns regarding the openness of the casino and we would recommend that all players only deposit and withdraw coins they intend to use in every gaming session rather than stockpiling coins over time. It’s unlikely that accounts will come to any particular harm if left unattended, but there’s also nothing in place to stop this from happening.

This concern doesn’t stop us from recommending the casino for PC players though. Mobile players will find the casino heavily compressed and sometimes not worthwhile depending on their specific device. The casino will always load its “desktop version” and this can lead to text misalignment, slow load times, and general clutter and disorganization throughout the page. Therefore, we can’t recommend this casino if players are going to be using it on their mobile device and the casino’s customer support is virtually nonexistent. It is a PC-only operation suitable for a quick, brief encounter.

FairProof Games and Software

There are three games of chance on FairProof that all use Flash instead of HTML5 for its presentation. Where the casino particularly shines is its provably fair status, which applies to each of these games. This means the casino has a commitment to ensuring they provide games within a registered guideline of odds and rakes, which helps protect players against scam or fly-by-night casino operators not offering truly worthwhile odds. Unfortunately, the games are all rather simple and don’t reflect a modern casino experience. In fact, they’re very dated by today’s standards.

FairNums is the most played game on FairProof and this is likely due to its automatic loading on the site’s homepage. It is a lottery game that requires players to choose a number and guess whether or not the resulting number will be higher or lower than their selection. This obviously makes it quite easy to rig by setting the number to 0 and guessing the resulting number will be higher, but the level of risk involved will adjust the odds calculator accordingly. “Rigged bets” like these are disallowed as they don’t provide any return. In fact, players will have to pay a house fee with each wager, so it is not in their best interests to make a habit out of trying to cheat the system.

Similar to FairNums is FairCards, which is about selecting cards and placing a bet. Its mechanics work similarly to FairNums, but the game itself provides a far more advanced visual experience than FairNums. However, it’s not truly saying much. We found it to be something akin to an older Windows 95 or MSDOS video game “back in the day”.

Finally, there is FairRoulette, which isn’t really roulette at all. In fact, it’s more of a spin the wheel game that requires players to guess the resulting number. Like the other games, it is very simple and quick in its execution, which makes the entire casino seem a bit drab and unexciting compared to other modern casinos in the market today.

FairProof Deposits and Withdrawals

FairProof is entirely cryptocurrency based and uses five different currency types. These include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Bytecoin, and DarkNote. Players will be required to generate an address for each of the currencies they’re using and these currency addresses will link their specific wallet with their account on the website. Withdrawals work similarly, but FairProof only supports withdrawals to native currencies. Players cannot convert their winnings into a different currency altogether.

FairProof offers three bonuses: a 0.001 BTC bonus for registering an e-mail address with an account, a double deposit bonus for values up to 0.5 BTC, and a 20% “bad luck” bonus that can be redeemed after a particularly bad loss when a player’s account exceeds 1 BTC. These bonuses can only be redeemed once, so players are advised to use them wisely and pay particular attention to the bad luck bonus in order to use it at the most opportune moment.


FairProof has a positive history dating back to 2013, which makes the casino a worthwhile bet in terms of its longevity in the casino gaming world and this is further solidified with its provably fair status. However, it is by no means a full-fledged casino experience. There’s no spinning reels of the slot machine, no enhanced graphics and audio, and generally no way to get back into an account if a player loses their private link. We believe it’s likely best served as a one-time introduction to the Bitcoin gaming world; to get a feel for the games and how casinos work as a whole; to understand how deposits and withdrawals work when dealing in digital currencies. It is, by no stretch of the imagination, a full-time casino unless a player’s computer is severely limited in terms of its capabilities.

It isn’t bad though and we’ve actually found ourselves hard-pressed to find anything truly wrong with the service. The general opinion is good and the games are stable, functional, fair, and fun. Where it lacks is staying power; site stickiness. We would happily recommend this to players who are brand new to the digital currency gaming world, but understand that they’ll soon be looking for something a little bit more in the long run.

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