BitRoulette Casino Review

The name of the casino might suggest you’re about to get involved with the best big wheel online today, but BitRoulette isn’t a roulette-exclusive digital currency casino. It’s actually a complete platform offering over 70 games and there are only three roulette wheels. We think it’s an interesting name choice for sure, but in a rather stagnant market of “BitGame” casinos this sort of entry seems all too common nowadays. Does it live up to any sort of hype though? We think so.

BitRoulette first came into the digital currency gaming scene in 2014. Since then, they’ve managed to gain a rather acceptable impression with positive user reviews found throughout the Internet, but the platform hasn’t quite set the casino world on fire. They exist quite comfortably among the masses, but they aren’t quite a mainstay name for day to day use. We’re not sure why because BitRoulette does offer an excellent gaming experience combined with quick withdrawals, quick account registration, and generally responsive customer support.

What’s more is, unlike other cryptocurrency casinos, BitRoulette offers a completely free to play option within all of its games. This makes BitRoulette a completely free to use Bitcoin casino should players want to use it without making any sort of deposit. While we’re not about to start advocating free to play video games over pay-to-play services, we do believe there is a strong place in the market for free to use Bitcoin games and do think they can be an excellent way to introduce new players into the digital currency world. When this is done through a highly intuitive and very modern platform like BitRoulette, we are pretty much onto a winner in our minds.

BitRoulette Games and Software

Despite being named after the roulette wheel, BitRoulette is limited to only three variants of roulette. Slot machines make up the biggest count of games available on the website with 49 different themes available as modern five-reel slot machines. Unfortunately, the audio is a bit lacking on BitRoulette with repetitive sound bytes accenting all of different themes. Playing slots on BitRoulette gives us the impression that the reels were rather hastily put together to give players the biggest amount of selection in the shortest possible time. For example, the Merry Christmas slot machine, while Christmassy in its imagery, features the same standard sound clips as those heard in Superman Slots. We weren’t able to determine who exactly made these slot machines, but believe it is proprietary software belonging to BitRoulette rather than being licensed through a third party platform.

Despite this slight repetition that sometimes became a bit annoying, playing games on BitRoulette is a joy with fast load times, responsive game actions, and a generally good selection of different casino games that are sure to keep enthusiasts entertained. What we perhaps didn’t like is the website loading games in a pop-up window, which is restricted to only having one pop up game at any given time through restrictive coding. This means players won’t be able to play several slot machines or table games at once in aims of maximizing their winnings in a short time. The games are also presented in a dated 4:3 aspect ratio, which doesn’t make full use of modern HD monitors that display in 16:9.

The BitRoulette website is mobile friendly, which means players can take their games on the go by accessing the website using their default web browser. Generally speaking, load times remain consistently quick, but performance issues can start popping up depending on the device’s hardware since the games can be demanding on more limited resources. There are no dedicated iOS or Android apps as of yet.

BitRoulette Banking Options

BitRoulette does not use the standard wallet-to-wallet transfer commonly used on other digital currency casinos. Instead, the casino recommends using PerfectMoney for BTC to USD conversions and funding the casino account from it. However, PerfectMoney is not the only payment processor available to players and the casino will accept deposits from Skrill, OKPay, and Yandex among others. Native digital currency deposits from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and DASH were all once available and the option is still listed, but clicking them doesn’t provide addresses or some sort of transfer prompt. We’re not sure what’s happening, but this technical issue seems to have been around for quite some time according to players.

For the time being, we recommend sticking with PerfectMoney as it is currently the only supported withdrawal method on BitRoulette. Transfers take place in USD, which can be converted into BTC from the user’s PerfectMoney account based on the service’s exchange rate. There are no fees for withdrawing or depositing funds on BitRoulette and transfers take place automatically. In actual practice, withdrawals are usually quite quick, but not instantaneous as the website may lead you to believe. Nonetheless, it’s certainly nothing worth complaining about and withdrawn funds are available in a PerfectMoney account within minutes.

BitRoulette Bonuses

There are no sign up or deposit bonuses on BitRoulette. However, the casino does offer an attractive affiliate program that acts as a sort of referral bonus for players who sign up their friends. Each active referral will provide a 15% bonus to a player’s account depending on their activity and winnings on BitRoulette.


It’s hard to find wrong with BitRoulette. While it’s not the biggest name in the bank of potential digital currency casinos, it’s certainly one of the most well-executed designs that’s both simple and intuitive while still reflecting a current, modern design that players will appreciate. The games that are on offer are sure to please those looking for a one-stop solution to their online casino needs and its added portability definitely makes this one a winner.

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