BitBandit Casino Review

If there’s one universal truth when it comes to Bitcoin casinos, it’s that players absolutely love slot machines as a part of their gaming experience. Whether they make up the main portion of it or just something to accent their time spent at the roulette wheel or poker table, slot machines have captivated the cryptocurrency gaming audience for over five years. BitBandit is aware of this fact and offers players exactly what they want: a functional, provably fair reel that doesn’t require any sort of registration. Players can simply make their deposit, play to their heart’s content, then withdraw all within the same session.

Do we think BitBandit has the makings of an excellent Bitcoin slot machine and indeed a casino experience? Absolutely. The reel is well-beyond some of the dated, one-trick ponies that are prevalent on other simple single game websites. It’s quite an enjoyable visual and aural experience that makes use of modern graphics and audio. What we don’t like is its theme. It is rather political in its imagery and is based on modern logos and designs, which isn’t likely to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. Regardless, it is certainly something that’s worth considering due to the simple fact that it is easy to use, enjoyable, and has odds that are actually worth chasing: the website claims to host a “loose” slot machine with only a 1% house odd. With most slot games being as high as 15% for the house, this keeps BitBandit at one of the highest points of our recommendations for Bitcoin slot machines.

BitBandit Games and Software

BitBandit is a single reel slot machine that is a part of the provably fair scheme, which means it carries odds that are truly fair for players involved in the game. The slot machine even goes as far as to offer some of the best odds in digital currency gaming as a whole. What’s more is that the game is ready to play immediately upon accessing the website. There is no registration required, but it is an option available to players and this is something we strongly recommend. For a few seconds in a registration form that only requires a nominated username and password, it could save hours trying to recover lost Bitcoins after accidentally closing the website; after a power outage; or an unplanned ISP outage. The risks of playing without registering simply aren’t worth in it just for the convenience of playing right away in our opinion. However, a couple of fleeting bets just to get a feel for the machine certainly doesn’t warrant registration, especially if players aren’t all that interested in slot machines to begin with.

What’s unfortunate for BitBandit is the server it is hosted on is subject to quite a bit of downtime. During our review, we found it extremely difficult to access the reel due to a recurring 503 error that would sometimes creep up when we were spinning the reel. Again, this makes a pretty clear case for taking a few seconds to register an account to protect any deposits made, but it does make us wonder what’s happening on their end. No, we aren’t about to play conspiracy theorist and start shaming a Bitcoin casino needlessly, but it’s an annoyance that is in the back of our minds and it’s something that hasn’t been corrected since a platform relaunch in 2014.

BitBandit isn’t particularly mobile friendly. While it will load and play, it will load a highly compressed desktop version of the website that results in the reel looking very small and players will require pinpoint precision when pressing the spin button in order to activate the reel. It is still fully functional, but not all that enjoyable when compared to using a PC.

Customer support for the reel is very much on the limited side. Players are only able to open support tickets by e-mail, which are reportedly very slow to turn around and don’t offer all that much insight in terms of technical support. There is also a live chat option for support, which is also fruitless in terms of assistance. Players entering the chat room often find themselves chatting amongst themselves rather than receiving any real support.

BitBandit Banking Options

BitBandit currently only supports BitCoin deposits and withdrawals on a wallet-to-wallet basis. To make deposits, players must send Bitcoins to the BTC wallet address shown on their screen, which is automatically linked to their personal gameplay session. Withdrawals work similarly with any coins being sent back to their originating wallet.

BitBandit Bonuses

BitBandit doesn’t offer any bonuses for depositing and active players. Therefore, players shouldn’t go onto the platform expecting to find sign up bonuses and VIP rewards programs for active participation. However, players will find that there is an affiliate program that rewards players for referring their friends and family members. BitBandit currently offers a 30% bonus based on their referral’s winnings, which can be rather lucrative based on the very low odds for the house.


For players who are just looking for a fully functional slot machine without any of the frills and glamour of a more full-fledged casino experience, then BitBandit is something that we can very confidently recommend. It is plagued with a rather poor server that makes accessing the platform difficult at the best of times, but when it is online and operational, BitBandit does make for an excellent gameplay experience. It isn’t necessarily a direct competitor to any of the more dedicated casino platforms, but it does hold its own reasonably well and offers excellent insight into how modern slot machines work in a digital currency gaming environment without any of the commitment required.

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