4Grinz Casino Review

It’s the same old story for a lot of players: join a casino, deposit a big chunk of change, leave empty handed. After all, it’s what ensures casinos are even able to open their doors in the first place. However, it leaves players in a bit of a bind when they know the odds can sometimes be stacked against them. While cryptocurrency gaming is arguably the superior option when it comes to fairer, more transparent odds, a new concept is being pioneered by 4Grinz: a no-bonus casino that ensures players will never leave empty handed through a digital cashback scheme.

The general opinion surrounding the casino is good, but it’s also leaning on the positive side of things for a good reason: the platform’s commitment to its own slogan. It may seem repetitive and tiresome to read the same catchphrase (“Changing Minds. Building Trust.”) over and over throughout the casino’s materials, but it’s this sort of reinforcement that makes the casino beneath the glitz and glamour of its games one of the best possible choices for gamers new and old alike. It is a casino that’s indeed worthy of your trust when it comes to your Bitcoin wallet and this is quite the accolade when it only entered the scene in the later months of 2015. Not only that, but it also offers one of the best collection of games at great odds for players.

Games and Software at 4Grinz

4Grinz is based on SoftSwiss casino software for its main platform, which has become a mainstream name in cryptocurrency gaming over the past four years. However, this is not the only source of games for the casino as they also have leading titles from other popular platforms including Amatic, Betsoft, Endorphina, and Ezugi. Together, there are over 300 game titles for players to enjoy and more are added on a regular basis.

Slot machines make up the majority of the offers on 4Grinz with everything from full-fledged 3D machines with interactive graphics and audio through to more traditional casino seven reels on a more basic level. The leaning on this platform is clearly towards the most impressive, digitally advanced experiences and players will almost surely be able to find at least one slot machine to suit their own tastes and preferences whether they’re movie buffs, sports fans, or just interested in casual and functional reels.

Other popular casino games including video poker, roulette, craps, blackjack are also available and the majority of these are presented through a “live dealer” portal, which connects players to a live casino dealer through a video feed and creates a more true-to-life casino experience for players. We’ve always found the platform to be very stable in its handling of high definition video and have never experienced any frame rate issues. 4Grinz does require the latest version of Adobe Flash, though.

We also like that there is a small collection of casual games for those who are completely new to the casino or gambling experience, which is quite rare for casinos as a whole whether they be cash or cryptocurrency games. Simple games like scratch cards, heads or tails, and Minesweeper are on offer and allow players to have a very simple taste of Bitcoin gaming, how the software handles, and how the experience as a whole works. This is definitely a platform we’d recommend for those finding their very first Bitcoin casino.

4Grinz is reportedly mobile friendly, but does not have its own official iOS or Android app.

Banking Options

4Grinz currently only supports deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin. The minimum amount that can be requested from any one withdrawal is 60mBTC or .060BTC and has an even lower deposit amount of 1 mBTC or 0.001 BTC. The platform claims to offer instant withdrawals, but does sometimes require manual verifications of withdrawal requests and this usually only affects the first withdrawal.

4Grinz Bonuses

Where 4Grinz particularly shines is its no-nonsense approach to bonus schemes. Players who reach “premium” status by making a total of 100,000 bets or playing a total of 1 BTC will find themselves automatically enrolled and eligible for a variety of unique bonuses and opportunities. Two rather unique ideas from 4Grinz are Deposit Back and Coin Back.

On Mondays, eligible players who deposit up to 1 BTC will receive a 10% deposit back bonus so long as they play using the full value of their deposit by the Thursday of the same week. However, the process isn’t automatic as some players might expect. Players must contact 4Grinz’s technical support department through their Live Chat or e-mail options in order to request their bonus.

Similar to this is 4Grinz’s Coin Back program, which rewards premium players with a 10% bonus every week based on their gross gaming revenue. Again, players must manually contact 4Grinz’s technical support in order to receive this bonus, but the general opinion across the player base suggests that there isn’t any problems receiving bonuses despite this little nuance about the platform.

Where 4Grinz differs from other leading names in Bitcoin casinos is its no rollover requirement for bonuses. The majority of online casinos who offer bonuses like these will require players to actually use that credit a set amount of times before it actually becomes a part of their own wallet or be withdrawn. This isn’t the case with 4Grinz. Instead, players go through a normal “rollover” process by playing on the platform before receiving their bonuses. The numbers and percentages are by no means impressive compared to other platforms, but we like that our bonuses are really ours to own and use as we see fit as soon as we get them.


It’s truly hard to find fault with 4Grinz. From it’s large library of games through to its obvious gearing towards new and old casino gamers alike, there’s nothing we can pick at in terms of a fault. We would perhaps like to see some sort of automation when it comes to bonus redemption, but this isn’t truly enough to hold us back from giving our full recommendation for 4Grinz.

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