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Bingo is one of those games that have a lot of fans and hence, it happens to be one of the most popular games played all around the world. Nowadays, people no longer have to travel physically from one place to another just to be a part of a game of bingo. With online casinos growing in popularity among gaming enthusiasts, you can now play bingo online right from the comfort of your home. What makes your experience even more fun and special is the fact that you can now use the famous crypto currency, Bitcoin, to play bingo.

One of the main attractive features of playing Bitcoin bingo online is that the game is completely automatic. This gives you the ability to play any number of cards without the fear of losing track. When you use Bitcoins to play bingo online, you can not only enjoy the perk of fast and easy withdrawals, but also have an additional level of anonymity without having to reveal any of your sensitive personal information.

When it comes to choosing the best online casino where you can play bingo, you need to take into account different factors in order to make sure that you enjoy the best gaming experience. First and foremost, you need to look at the user interface or gaming platform of a website; this is important because the intuitiveness of an online casino’s website can actually make or break your gaming interest. You also need to look into the different kinds of bonuses offered by different casinos before making your decision. Another important factor is customer support; the casino’s representatives should be knowledgeable and assist you whenever you are in need.

Since there are hundreds and hundreds of online casinos out there offering a whole bunch of games, bonuses and other features, finding a reliable one can be quite difficult, especially if you are just starting out in the world of online Bitcoin bingo. So, to make the process effortless for you, here is our list of the top 10 Bitcoin bingo websites: Bingo

Established just a few years back, CloudBet is undoubtedly one of the best and famous online casinos offering bingo and many other interesting games. The casino is known for providing safe, secure, fun and reliable gaming experience to all its players. The design of the website is modern yet easy to navigate around and works excellently well as well. CloudBet is also known to offer one of the best, if not the best, customer service. Bingo

VegasCasino is another leading online betting website that excels in offering over 300 different games from numerous providers, all in one place. The casino uses Bitcoin as currency for playing all games and therefore happens to be one of the most secure online gaming platforms. The different Bingo games you can enjoy on this website include Bingo Slot, Bingo Slot 3 Lines, and Bingo Slot 5 Lines.


BitStarz Bingo

This is one the aesthetically pleasing Bitcoin casinos you will come across. With simple and easy to use gaming platform, BitStarz offers a lot of fun and exciting bingo games such as Electro Bingo, Super Bonus Bingo, Pharaoh Bingo, Mayan Bingo, and more. With great support options, generous bonuses and wide range of games, this is one online casino you should definitely visit. Bingo is known to be the very first licensed online bitcoin casino. The casino is powered by some of the leading software providers and the games you get to enjoy on the website are also from popular gaming providers. Some of the bingo games you will be able to find on this casino include Bingo Slot, Samba Bingo, Pharaoh Bingo, Electro Bingo, Bingo Bonanza, and Super Bonus Bingo.


BitBingo Casino Bingo

BitBingo Casino is one of the very few online bitcoin casinos out there that openly promise that it is impossible to cheat, both by the players and the casino itself, on any game you play. An attractive feature of this casino is the ability to play live multiplayer bingo, which will completely amp up your bingo playing experience. Bonuses, prizes, and customer support offered by the casino are quite decent.


5Dimes Bingo

5Dimes is one of the less known names in the world of online Bitcoin bingo casinos. The casino’s Bingo Room brings to you some of the best and most advanced bingo games you can find online. Most of its bingo games come with specific themes and you are given the ability to customize the game settings to match your requirements.


Ignition Casino Bingo

Launched only this year, Ignition Casino is slowly becoming a renowned name in the online betting industry. The various bingo games you can play on this website include Five Reel Bingo, European Bingo, American Bingo, 80-Ball Bingo, and 30-Ball Bingo. The casino promises fast and safe payouts, and there is also 24/7 customer support.


Bovada Bingo

This certified and authorized gaming website is not just a casino, but also a Sportsbook that allows you to bet on your favorite sport. Club or team. When it comes to casino games, Bovada manages to offer quite an array, including bingo games such as 30-Ball Bingo, 80-Ball Bingo, Five Reel Bingo, and more. The website is open to those of you in the US as well and there is also a mobile version of the website for easy access.


Café Casino Bingo

Our final listing is also a new entry to the online Bitcoin casino market. As far as we know, this is the only casino offering a 500% welcome bonus up to $5000, which is certainly a generous offering. Despite being new, the casino offers around 200 different casino and slot games, and bingo games are also a part of this list.

Whether you are new to the Bitcoin bingo scenario or an experienced player, these Bitcoin casinos certainly have something or the other to keep you entertained.


Bingo Tutorial

The game guide to online bingo

Bingo is not only known internationally, but also extremely popular. The game does not only appeal to older players. More and more young fans are admitting to the fascination of the numbers game. Bingo is a variation of the classic lottery game, whose name has existed since 1929. The game is widespread especially in the USA. But also in Great Britain and in Germany it finds more and more approval. It was only a matter of time before bingo found its way into the virtual world. In the meantime, bingo can be played not only on the home computer, but also on the road on the smartphone or tablet PC. In the Internet there are numerous providers, whose technologies, optics and presentations differ partly clearly. Nevertheless, the Bingo rules always remain the same. No matter which provider you choose. In this article the bingo rules are explained in more detail.

Rules of the game: Indispensable for luck with the balls

Those who want to join the fan community and play bingo should of course know the rules of lotto variation. But don’t panic, the rules of the game are clear and easy to learn. Thus Bingo is suitable for all age groups and finds above all with humans the difficulties with complex play courses have, large approval. In order to play the game, bingo balls are of course needed. These are usually 75 numbered balls (1-75), which were labeled accordingly. The balls are the responsibility of the caller. The caller is therefore the game leader who is responsible for drawing the numbers and announcing them.

The balls are filled into a container like in the lottery and mixed well there. Usually this container is a drum. After each draw the numbers in the drum are mixed again and again. The numbers are drawn arbitrarily, not according to a system. Accordingly, neither the players nor the caller know which number is next. Here the similarity to the classic lotto can be clearly seen. Because also in the lotto the player is guaranteed an arbitrary drawing of numbers.

The rules of the game at a glance

  • Bingo rules are easy to understand and easy to learn
  • The balls are labeled and well mixed.
  • Mostly 75 balls are used
  • The caller announces the drawn numbers
  • Completely arbitrary draw

The playing cards at bingo

Just like the balls, the playing cards are indispensable for bingo. Every player can play bingo with one or more cards. These are either handed out for free or can be purchased. In both cases, they are dealt before the game. Each card has a number grid. This grid contains 25 squares, which extend over 5 x 5 columns. Each letter stands for a group of 15 numbers. These numbers cover the range from 1-75. The numbers are divided as follows:

  • B 1 – 15
  • I 16 – 30
  • N 31 – 45
  • G 46 – 50
  • O 51 – 75

The bingo cards are provided with different combinations of numbers, which were arranged arbitrarily. In this way each player gets the same option to win. Depending on the event and variant, the player can play with one or more cards. Who uses several cards, has naturally also a higher chance of winning.

Get the Bingo playing card and win

When everything has been prepared and the bingo cards have been dealt, you are ready to go. The caller now starts drawing the numbers, keeping a distance of about 10 to 15 seconds until the next number is drawn. The drawn number is announced loudly and the players then check whether the drawn number is present on their betting slip. If the player finds the drawn number on his betting slip, he marks it. The marker can either be a cross or a circle. The winner is defined by the bingo variant played. Usually it is a pattern which has been defined in advance. The numbers drawn must then result in this pattern for the player to win. This can be a horizontal line or a cross. Another winning variation is the so-called “coverall”. Each number must be marked on the bingo card for the player to win. The “coverall” is also known as blackout, full house or full card. The Bingo rules indicate which pattern is played.

The respective Bingo rules indicate which pattern is played. If a player has marked this pattern on his card, he calls “Bingo”. The round is over and a new card is used for the next round.

It depends on the speed

Since the numbers are drawn arbitrarily, the player has no influence on the course of the game. However, there are a few skills that an experienced bingo player can train to increase his chances of winning. This concerns for example the speed. After all, bingo is about who calls bingo first. True to the motto: “First come, first paint”. Therefore, it makes sense to check the coupon as quickly as possible and compare the numbers at high speed.

Playing Bingo is also possible online

Meanwhile, it is also possible to play the popular number game on the Internet. The advantage is obvious: you can always play bingo on the Internet at any time. Whether on the home PC or on the way on the Smartphone or the Tablet PC. Online bingo has been around since 1996. In recent years, the virtual version has spread worldwide. There are numerous bookmakers who, in addition to the popular casino games, also offer scratch cards, poker and various bingo variants.

Bingo on the Internet deviates only minimally from the classic ball game. A game manual can still be found on almost every provider site. In this way, even beginners will find an unhindered introduction to the game. This also applies to the poker game rules and the roulette game rules. In one point online bingo of course differs significantly from the classic variant: In the Internet there is no caller who announces the numbers. Instead, the numbers are drawn via the so-called “random number generator”. The providers guarantee that this is an arbitrary drawing of the bingo numbers and that nobody can know in advance which number will be next.

Online Bingo: The Advantages

  • Online Bingo can be played at any time (online or at home)
  • The game was introduced in 1996 and is now playable worldwide.
  • The numbers are drawn over an arbitrary random number generator and displayed
  • Guaranteed random numbers drawn by the provider
  • Once again explaining summarized Bingo game rules

Bingo game rules on the Internet: It’s as simple as that

If you want to play bingo on the Internet, you need an appropriate bookmaker. These are numerously represented in the net and most presuppose a registration on their web page. Usually the registration is free. When it comes to real money betting, the player must make a deposit in advance. However, some bookmakers give their players the option of using a demo account. In this way, the game can be tried out without obligation, as no deposit is required. Some bookmakers even offer an attractive bingo bonus without deposit, which beckons directly after registration.

A bingo bonus comparison shows on which platform the highest bonus is granted. Some providers require the download of software so that the game can be used on the PC, smartphone and tablet PC. In the meantime, however, numerous bookmakers also offer the possibility of using the game directly via the browser. In this way, downloading software is no longer necessary. Of course, this offers some advantages: On the one hand, the player does not run the risk of infecting his PC with malware and, on the other hand, no additional storage space is required. The browser version also reduces loading times to a minimum.

As soon as the registration has been successfully completed, the game can begin. Online Bingo experiences can of course also be gathered in a live dealer casino. Although there is no real caller in virtual bingo, but many other games for a particularly realistic casino atmosphere available.


The lotto variation enjoys great popularity worldwide. With the corresponding game rules, which are made available on the provider pages, even newcomers will find a quick and easy access to the game.

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