Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Players who are familiar with fiat currency casinos will know what they do to lure players in. Promises of 1,000% bonuses on a player’s initial deposit, absolutely free cash at random intervals, and affiliate programs that often resemble something like a pyramid scheme are all too common recruitment strategies for cash casino operators.

Things are a little bit different in the Bitcoin casino world. While fiat currencies are able to release these bonuses into a player’s bankroll and it will act as play money until some sort of rollover or wagering requirement is met, Bitcoin casinos don’t have the same sort of flexibility. Yes, there will be similar rollover and release requirements players have to meet before they’re given any bonuses they’re entitled to, but a bonus actually becomes a player’s credit immediately when they receive it and they’re free to leave the casino at any time with those coins in hand. This means digital currency casino operators are forced to think a little bit differently when it comes to their bonuses and how they can be structured. The following are some of the most popular forms of deposit bonuses found in cryptocurrency casinos:

Welcome Bonus

Like cash casinos, Bitcoin casinos often make use of a welcome bonus scheme. They’re normally very humble bonuses, but can be something as high as a 110% initial deposit match up to a certain amount for players who are just signing up to the platform. Players will automatically receive this bonus once they make a successful deposit and it will automatically become a part of their own personal bankroll without any wagering requirement, which is usually why a more common welcome bonus on Bitcoin casinos is limited to something between 10% to 25%.

Players should be particularly cautious about digital currency casinos offering exceptionally high welcome bonuses, which is especially true if the casino is a newly launched operation. This isn’t a fiat currency world where releases can be controlled or can be banked alongside a player’s deposit according to play money terms. Once a deposit becomes a part of a player’s bankroll, it is theirs. Operators won’t be able to afford those thousand percent bonuses seen elsewhere for very long.

Free Coins

Free offers in Bitcoin casinos act similarly to a no deposit bonus. In effect, a casino will give players free coins to let them try out the casino before making any deposits of their own. These no deposit bonuses will usually be a pittance and measured in Bits or maybe even 1 mBTC, but will almost always be enough to play a few games and get a general feel for how the casino operates.

Players who receive these bonuses will usually find that there’s some sort of control measure in place unless they choose to make a deposit before using those coins. To prevent abuse, some operators may choose to limit a withdrawal function until players have either made a deposit of their own or have played a certain amount of games and have met a rollover requirement. These selections will usually have low house edge titles restricted and will force players to play more risky games like roulette.

In general, it is usually not worthwhile to exclusively chase platforms who offer a no deposit bonus. The amount given to players is usually not worth a player’s time to register and get started if they’re only looking to get a hold of free coins. This sort of approach is better served by looking for a Bitcoin faucet or some other form of automatic free payments over time. Players will usually find that signing up to a platform just to get their hands on their free Bits will be nearly impossible to withdraw without some sort of commitment. As a general rule of thumb, this sort of bonus is best seen as an introductory no-risk offer to get players involved on a platform and test the waters a little bit. It’s by no means a “good bonus” per se.

Bitcoin Reload Bonus

One of the most popular forms of Bitcoin deposit bonus is the reload bonus. Normally, these will be presented to players as promotions, such as receiving a 100% bonus for making an eligible deposit on the first day of every month. Reload bonuses are usually compounding and will reward players the more they choose to participate in them. Whether that is with a VIP status on the platform or additional coins, casino operators usually make a reload bonus well-worth a player’s while.

Payment Method Bonus

While the majority of Bitcoin casinos will accept transfers on a wallet-to-wallet basis, some operators may also choose to offer a fiat currency option for purchasing Bitcoins and automatically process a conversion against mid-market rates (or at a rate the operator chooses to establish themselves). This means they will allow a wide range of payment methods ranging from a personal check or credit card through to online payment processors like Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal. Successful deposits through these methods will credit a player’s account with additional funds. However, like other deposit bonuses, they’re not typically very high.

High Roller Bonus

One type of Bitcoin casino deposit bonus that’s crossing over more readily from the fiat currency world is the high roller bonus. It effectively rewards those who deposit or wager significant amounts through various perks and incentives. This will normally be crediting a player’s account with VIP status, which will unlock some sort of benefit scheme that’s valid for anywhere up to 30 days. Subsequent deposits made during this time will usually receive an additional 5%, but figures up to 20% are not uncommon for particularly advanced levels of VIP status should the operator offer a tiered system.

Referral Bonus

Referral bonuses usually come in the form of affiliate programs, which reward players with a bonus based on the winnings of their referrals. These offers can sometimes be quite lucrative and worthwhile for players to chase. A typical referral bonus will award the recruiting player with a 5% bonus of their referral’s winnings, which can increase based on the number of referrals brought to a platform or the amount they win. Players may also be able to adjust this value if they’re a part of a platform’s VIP scheme.